Alpha Health Services

EAP Employee Assistance

We can provide a full range of counselling/psychotherapy services to clients from counselling through to our employee assistance programmes.

Our EAP service is tailored for each client and is confidential to the employee for each element of the service. The counselling element is manned by trained counsellors who can provide support in cases of stress, bereavement, family issues, injury, illness, organisational change etc. The goal is to maintain effective employee relations, the employee’s health, and enable employees to remain at work or return to work.

Services can be provided as a 9am to 5pm service for 5 days per week with the option of extended hours through to a 24 hours per day 7 days per week service.

We can offer the following- 

Standard Service:

 • Free phone Helpline

 • 1 – 6 sessions of structured telephone counselling

 • Legal, financial, debt, family life solutions

 • EAP End user website including Live Connect [online live support channel]

 • Computerised CBT

 • Hard copy promotional material

 • Face to Face Counselling as required (chargeable option)

Extended Service:

This can be extended to a fully inclusive face to face service delivering the following:

 • 24/7 Helpline

 • 1 – 6 sessions of telephone counselling

 • 1 – 6 sessions face to face counselling

 • Legal, financial, debt, family life solutions

 • EAP End user website including Live Connect

 • Computerised CBT

 • Hard copy promotional material

 • Health Risk Assessment tool

Employees will have a range of services starting with a single free-phone number for support through to six face to face counselling sessions as part of a package.

They will also have access to a network of qualified counsellors and specialists for a number of agreed face to face sessions at a suitable location. This will happen at a location close to you.

What the EAP service will offer:

 • Diverse – counsellor matching includes race, ethnicity, religion, disability access, geography

 • Equal open access for all 24/7

 • Consistent – calls always answered by a person 24-7

 • Complies with UK EAPA standards

Face to face counselling, where advised, can be part of the programme or separately through the Occupational Health Team and agreed by the manager. We always seek progress reports from counselling as with all treatment programmes regarding return to, or remaining at work.

To discuss your specific needs in this area or to request quotation for Occupational Health provision on a regular basis, please do not hesitate to give us a ring to enquire and we will be happy to assist.