Alpha Health Services

Management Referrals

A Manager may refer an employee to Occupational Health for a variety of reasons:

  • Short-term or Long-term sickness absence
  • Concerns over performance or behaviour
  • Concerns over employee’s capacity to continue to work
  • Whether an employee is fit to attend a disciplinary or other meeting
  • Serious accident or illness at work

Alpha provide an easy online process to refer an employee and provide Occupational Health with relevant information to triage a case, although referrals can also be made by post, e-mail and fax. If clients are using our online service line manager’s can raise a referral to be directed via Human Resources or sent directly to Occupational Health.

However referred, all cases are managed using our online management system which keeps the relevant manager(s) updated of case status at regular intervals. Managers can see the assigned resources (administrative support, contract managers, OHA, OHP etc.) and can contact OH personnel within the system, by phone, e-mail, fax or post at any time.

According to client requirement, cases are triaged and an appointment offered if necessary/required, or in some cases additional medical information requested with employee consent. Where appropriate a telephone interview may be offered, although health assessments are usually undertaken face to face. At each stage of the case the appropriate OH resource is used to provide a cost-effective, efficient service.

Alpha offers objective assessment and advice and we have pioneered several procedures to enhance objective health assessment. Following triage, appointment or receipt of medical information, objective Management Advice will be provided answering questions raised by the referring manager during referral.

Where appropriate we will advise on where intervention will help an employee remain at or return to work. We offer a wide variety of short-term intervention services (counselling, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic) which can be arranged at short-notice local to the employee’s work or home.