Alpha Health Services

Student Clearance

We provide a complete pre-course health screening process from initial questionnaire through to vaccination program managed through our secure on-line management system.

On-line links to questionnaires will be sent out by us on receipt of applicant’s details. These questionnaires are completed online through our secure website. This cut costs and speed up screening times.

It is easy to use, forms based, minimal training needed and is ideally suited to the broad range of courses that exist in an educational setting.

Our secure on-line web-based questionnaire is ideal for student clearance it provides:

  • Automated email chases
  • Automated text alerts
  • Easy completion from any computer with Internet access
  • Secure – uses 256-bit encryption
  • No postal delays
  • Immediate on line access to screened results
  • Questionnaire can be adapted to your specific need
  • Cost effective, thorough and efficient
  • Manages Face to face screening
  • Ideal for immunisations and vaccination reviews
  • Reduced Student Anxiety
  • Reduced Administration cost

We are very experienced at working within healthcare and educational environments, as we currently provide occupational health services to a number of Universities and Colleges, NHS PCT’s, Councils and Schools helping them manage their intake of students which includes the screening of nurses, health workers, EPP and social workers.

To discuss your specific needs in this area or to request quotation for Occupational Health provision on a regular basis, please do not hesitate to give us a ring  to enquire and we will be happy to assist.