Alpha Health Services


Under the Equality Act 2010 health screening of prospective employees is undertaken after a job offer has been made, although if there are justifiable specific health requirements for a job it may be undertaken as part of the selection process.

Alpha offers both an on-line and paper pre-employment process.

Clients can easily refer cases online and a secure link to the pre-employment health questionnaire is sent to the prospective employee. Paper questionnaires can be posted by Alpha or by the Client. The fully automated online process will remind the employee by e-mail and text if a completed questionnaire is not received and also notify the referring manager.

For the online process a general health questionnaire is completed by the prospective employee and auto cleared if there are no health issues, with advice on baseline health surveillance based on job risks/job assessment entered. If there are any health issues indicated a more detailed set of questions need to be completed which are then alerted to the assigned Occupational Health advisor for review.

Where necessary Occupational Health will request further medical information and/or offer an appointment. Following any necessary steps Management Advice will be issued by secure e-mail link to the referring manager.The referring manager is kept automatically informed, by e-mail, at all stages of the clearance process.

For Healthcare Workers/Students, and according to the service requirement, appointments will be offered to undertake vaccinations and immunisation assessment or appropriate baseline health surveillance.